Customer-Centric Service, Cutting-Edge Technology

Welcome to UPTIVE. We’re creating a disruptive force in the rapid manufacturing industry by bringing the human touch back to the industry. From 3D printing services to traditional manufacturing, prototypes to large-scale production runs, we offer step-by-step advice and accurate, custom-part development to help bring your vision to life faster.

  • Personalized service with a fast and easy quoting process
  • Expert guidance to ensure manufacturability and scalability
  • Collaborative, long-term partnerships focused on innovation
  • Extensive Knowledge Base to educate and share the information you need
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Let’s be real, technology, automation, and robotics have stripped away probably the most important piece in the product development process – personal service. At UPTIVE, technology is a tool that allows our team to recommend a wide range of options that factor in your specific needs for each stage of the part-production process.

Our Process

While other rapid manufacturing companies want to take your design file and generate an auto-quote, we work with you to ensure each part is designed for long-term manufacturability and production.

Share your file with our experts:
Our team of experts will provide feedback on any potential issues or improvements that can be made for manufacturing.
We inspect your part design:
We’ll help ensure your design is optimized for the chosen manufacturing process, including long-term feasibility and cost-effectiveness.
You review our recommendations and/or quote:
We’ll work with you to refine the design and ensure that it meets your specifications within your budget.
Place your order and kickoff our new partnership:
We’ll keep you updated at every step of the process to ensure that your parts are delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

Our Partnership Doesn’t End There

We understand that each part is just one step in your digital manufacturing journey. We’ll continue to provide support to refine your materials and methods for better scalability and production forecasting.

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Manufacturing Solutions

What Drives Us to be Different

We believe our customers are the driving force behind innovation and we’re passionate about bringing your vision to life. With 5 locations spanning the US and Mexico, as well as multiple certified partners around the world, we can offer the expertise needed to help you through every part of the production process.

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UPTIVE team quoting rapid manufacturing parts

What We Do

We leverage both traditional and advanced additive manufacturing processes (3D printing services) to bring your ideas to life. This flexibility allows us to produce everything from prototypes to large-scale production runs, giving our customers the ability to scale their production as their needs change.

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Advanced Additive Manufacturing Processes

Why We Educate

Educating our customers is critical to empowering you to make informed decisions about your part-production needs. Our knowledge base is regularly updated with case studies, news, and other resources to educate you on all things digital manufacturing.

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Product Development

Why It Matters

For a customer, time is money, and any delays in product development can lead to missed opportunities, lost revenue, and a competitive disadvantage. By partnering with UPTIVE, you can leverage our expertise to optimize your part design and production processes to stay ahead of the competition.

How We Define “Disruptive

In an industry full of automated quotes, limited personalization, and faceless transactions, we’re bucking the trend by going back to putting the customer first. This disruptive approach, or UPTIVE for short, ensures we understand “what” you’re looking for and “why,” before we even think about “how.” This allows us to provide the best guidance throughout the design and production process, giving us the flexibility to produce parts at any stage of development.

By putting you, the customer, first and providing personalized support every step of the way, we’re creating a disruptive movement in a field that prioritizes volume over customer service.

The UPTIVE Way Vs. The Other Way

Customer-Centric, Fast, and Easy Quoting Process
Automated Quote Process with Limited Personalization
Personalized Consultative Service with Direct Access to Engineers and Design Experts
Multiple Layers of Tiresome, Automated Communication and Project Managers
Fast Turnaround Times with Options for Same-Day Prototypes
Longer Lead Times and Less Flexibility When You Need Personal Attention
Expert Guidance to Ensure Long-Term Manufacturability and Scalability
Limited or No Focus on Design for Manufacturability
Collaborative, Long-Term Partnerships Focused on Innovation and Growth
Transactional, Limited Focus on Long-Term Relationships
Owns and Operates Multiple Sites Across the US and Mexico
No Physical Locations, Outsources Manufacturing to 3rd Parties