How Stereolithography Works

Stereolithography (SLA) is an advanced 3D printing process used to manufacture prototypes and parts quickly and with high accuracy. This method works by using a laser-based system that builds parts, layer by layer, using a photosensitive epoxy-based polymer. Once the model has been printed, it’s cured with UV light to solidify the resin material and strengthen its structure. SLA machining offers an efficient way to produce accurate parts with quality surface finish and adequate mechanical properties.

Big abstract object of blue color printed on a 3d printer on a white table

Here’s how our SLA solutions can help you:

  • Produce high precision, quality 3D models with fine details and complex geometries faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Accelerate design processes for just about any part: form/fit models, mechanical models, master patterns for cast urethane, etc.
  • Create quality surface finishes using a variety of paints and textures for highly-cosmetic show models.
  • Eliminate the need for hazardous filaments and powders for more eco-friendly additive manufacturing.

Our Stereolithography Capabilities

Stereolithography is one of the most popular 3D printing technologies in additive manufacturing because it’s a fast, affordable way to build extremely high-resolution parts for rapid prototyping and end-use, low-volume runs. Our SLA capabilities offer unmatchable speeds with the quality you need for a wide range of detailed prototyping applications.

High Accuracy

Object photopolymer printed on stereolithography 3D printer.
Fine details such as fillets or thin walls can be produced with SLA, making it ideal for delicate medical components, detailed consumer electronics, and more.

Rapid Turnaround

3D Printer
With SLA, we can deliver durable, accurate, and highly-cosmetic concept models at high speeds for even the most demanding applications.

Design Flexibility

A stereolithography 3d printer in the laboratory prints a struct
Achieve depth and breadth in materials, finishing options like embossing and engraving, complex tolerances, and more to meet your range of requirements.

Viable Alternative

3D printer for SLA (stereolithography) printing using photopolymer resin.
We can help you use SLA as a fast, cost-effective alternative for producing complex geometries that would otherwise be impractical to produce.

Functional Testing

Object photopolymer printed on stereolithography 3D printer.
Advanced additive SLA materials like Somos NeXt offer a highly-durable option for your parts that can mimic the moisture and thermal resistance of thermoplastics.

SLA Material Comparison

MaterialDescriptionIdeal forFinishesSpec Sheet
Accura 25Rigid and strong material that has good dimensional accuracy and detail resolutionMedical devices, prototypes, and other applicationsSanding, Polishing, Coating, Painting, Laser Marking, Vapor SmoothingSpec Sheet
Accura 60 ClearClear and rigid material that is suitable for creating parts such as lenses and other optical applicationsLenses, optical filters, and other componentsSanding, Polishing, Vapor SmoothingSpec Sheet
Accura Xtreme White 200High-strength and rigid material that is suitable for creating parts with thin walls and intricate geometriesMolds, tooling fixtures, and other componentsSanding, Polishing, Coating, Painting, Laser Marking, Vapor SmoothingSpec Sheet
Next (white)Rigid and strong material that is suitable for creating parts with high detail resolution and dimensional accuracyPrototypes, models, and other componentsSanding, Polishing, Coating, Painting, Laser Marking, Vapor SmoothingSpec Sheet
Somos 11122High-strength and durable material that is suitable for creating parts such as snap fits and living hingesSnap fits, living hinges, and other flexible componentsSanding, Polishing, Coating, Painting, Laser Marking Vapor SmoothingSpec Sheet

This is a sampling of SLA process materials we work with. See more information on available materials and specs here.

Why Customers Choose UPTIVE

  • "These stereolithography parts turned out great! We like the resolution/finish & quality of these parts. We would like to print more parts out of Accura 25 for future jobs."
    Ruben, Digital Marketing And Custom Models Company
  • "We received this cast urethane order and are very impressed with the quality. Great job, thanks again."
    Chris, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

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