How Tooling and Molding Works

The team at UPTIVE has accelerated this process for faster tooling turnaround with multiple options, including rapid injection tooling, bridge tooling, and production tooling. Plastic injection molding is a process that utilizes heated barrel injection to fill an engineered mold with plastic. The liquid plastic is forced into the cavity of the accurately designed mold, cooled until solidified, and then removed, creating a three-dimensional product. By manipulating heat and pressure, this method can reliably mold a variety of products with speed and accuracy.

Plastic Parts

Here’s how our injection tooling and molding solutions can help you:

  • Ensure precision with customized tooling matched to the best resin that meets your design criteria.
  • Decrease cycle times for tool inserts with mold bases uniquely designed for fast and low-volume molds.
  • Meet quality expectations with inspection criteria per your industry standards, including first article inspection reports and PAPP’s.
  • Give you more design choices, such as complex geometries, undercuts, threads, etc.

Our Plastic Injection Molding and Tooling Capabilities

For faster creation of steel and aluminum molds for your parts, UPTIVE utilizes state-of-the-art equipment including high-speed 5-axis CNC machines, EDM, and surface and form grinders. We also give you the ability to create custom mold bases for intricate or high-volume projects. Our systems are made to generate quick-turn parts that meet your standards of exactness, robustness, and lightness while featuring complex part geometries suitable for injection molding.

Injection Molding

Parts of cosmetic plastic products on the production line
We’re a leader in quick-turn injection molding, using m inserts for consistent, rapid production to your specifications. We offer an extensive collection of plastics, elastomeric, and filled materials, and specialize in two-shot and insert-molded parts to achieve the speed, quantities, and tolerances you need.

Injection Tooling

Our advanced injection tooling solutions utilize production plastic and elastomeric materials to quickly create tool inserts from our own proprietary mold bases for fast and low-volume molds. Our rapid injection tooling is a fast, accurate option for you to create complex geometries that meet your design and performance requirements.

Urethane Casting

Urethane Wheels For Casters
As a bridge between prototyping and production, we offer streamlined urethane casting using 3D printing or traditional machining. Our urethane casting capabilities achieve high-quality cosmetic and functional parts that are ready to be inspected by your teams and used in product development, as prototypes or in low-volume production.

Rapid Injection Tooling Materials

MaterialDescriptionIdeal forFinishesSpec Sheet
Aluminum ToolingExcellent thermal conductivity and low costLow to high-volume production runs, prototype development, and quick-turn projectsSmooth or textured surface finish, and can be post-processed with various coatings or anodizing for improved appearance and durabilitySpec Sheet
DME Steel ToolingVersatile and commonly used steel material with high wear resistance, good machinability, and availability in various sizesMedium to high-volume production runsSmooth or textured surface finish, and can be post-processed with various coatings, plating, or painting for corrosion resistance and improved aestheticsSpec Sheet
H-13 and S-7 Steel ToolingHigh-performance steel materials that are known for their excellent thermal conductivity, toughness, and resistance to wear and heatHigh-volume production runs and demanding applications, such as automotive and aerospace componentsSmooth or textured surface finish, and can be post-processed with polishing, texturing, or coatings for improved appearance and functionalitySpec Sheet
NAK 80 Steel ToolingHigh-performance steel material that is known for its excellent dimensional stability, high polishability, and resistance to wear and corrosionComplex injection molding applications, such as medical and optical componentsHigh-gloss, mirror-like finish, and can be post-processed with polishing or texturing for improved appearance and functionalitySpec Sheet
P-20 Steel ToolingHigh-quality, pre-hardened steel material that is known for its good machinability and durabilityMedium to high-volume production, such as automotive and consumer goods applicationsSmooth or textured surface finish, and can be post-processed with various coatings or polishing for improved appearance and durabilitySpec Sheet

This is a sampling of injection tooling and molding materials we work with. See more information on available materials and specs here.

Why Customers Choose UPTIVE

  • "The part was received. Looks good. Thanks for your help!"
    Jonathan, Hydration Products Company
  • "Thank you guys so much! I’m not sure what you guys are doing over there or how you do it, but UPTIVE (Previously GoProto) has been a saving grace for us recently when most shops are quoting 5 week+ long lead times. Keep it up!"
    Dakota, Engineering Consulting Firm

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