How Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

Sheet metal fabrication is a subtractive manufacturing process that creates parts from thin metal sheets. Our collaborative approach combines manual and automated processes to turn sheet stock materials into cuts, bends, and formed parts or assemblies, directly from your CAD file. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel and beryllium copper. Each metal or alloy is selected based on mechanical properties, aesthetics, and performance characteristics based on part or component specifications.

The fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine cut the metal plate.operator bending metal sheet by sheet bending machineCNC Laser Machinery for Metal Cutting

Here’s how our sheet metal fabrication solutions can help you:

Choose materials for desired properties: aesthetics, corrosion resistance, higher strength-to-weight ratio, etc.
Remove the need for tooling with more automated prototype-to-production sheet metal fabrication solutions.
Save production costs by eliminating potential design errors that can negatively impact part maneuverability.
Increase accuracy for rapid prototypes in quantities as low as one, or for higher-volume production.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

At UPTIVE, we can match the right sheet metal fabrication process with the most appropriate material in order to reduce your production lead times and reduce overall costs. The below capabilities are just a few examples of how we’re bridging the gap between how sheet metal parts are designed in CAD and how they are actually fabricated on the shop floor. Our consultative approach is designed to get you your parts on time and within specification.


The fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine
Laser, plasma, waterjet, shearing, and sawing…we combine traditional and advanced cutting methods for just about any kind of metal or alloy with a wide variety of sheet stock sizes, tolerances, thickness to ensure your design integrity.


Worker at manufacture workshop operating cidan folding machine
From bending and punching to progressive die-stamping, we can ensure every one of your parts meets your performance expectations — even for complex designs for mass production.


Soft focused picture of Worker is holding welding machine
MIG, TIG, robotic… we offer a wide range of welding processes, materials, and finishes based on your specific application, including any post processing required for your technical specifications.

Value-Add Hardware

High accuracy many kind or function of cutting tool and workpiece
We have more hardware options to alleviate your supply chain headaches, including standos, threaded inserts, threaded nuts, captive screws, pins, and more based on your supply chain requirements.


Soft focused picture of Worker is holding welding machine
Powder coating, buff polishing, sand blasting, brushing plating, and a wide selection of finishing levels available for all processes to produce targets ranging from unfinished to photo-realistic results.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes Comparison

MaterialDescriptionIdeal forFinishesSpec Sheet
AluminumLightweight and corrosion-resistant metalAircraft parts and building facadesAnodizing, painting, or powder coating for corrosion resistance and decorative purposesSpec Sheet
Beryllium CopperHigh-strength, non-magnetic alloy that contains beryllium and copperAerospace components and electronic connectorsPolished or textured to achieve a specific surface finish, or plated with other metals for improved corrosion resistance and aestheticsSpec Sheet
Cold-Rolled SteelSteel that has been rolled at room temperature to increase its strength and smoothnessMachinery components and construction materialsPlating or painting, for corrosion resistance and improved aestheticsSpec Sheet
Pre-Plated Cold-Rolled SteelCold-rolled steel that has been pre-coated with a layer of metal, such as zinc or tin, for corrosion resistanceAppliance panels and automotive partsPaint or powder coat, for additional corrosion resistance and decorative appearanceSpec Sheet
Stainless SteelCorrosion-resistant steel that contains chromiumFood processing equipment and medical devicesPolishing or bead blasting, for a smooth and attractive appearance, or passivation to increase corrosion resistanceSpec Sheet

This is a sampling of sheet metal materials we work with. See more information on available materials and specs here.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Design Guide

Download this best practice guide to help bridge the gap between design and fabrication with precision parts, weldments, and assemblies, at the quickest lead times possible.


Why Customers Choose UPTIVE

  • "We just inspected some of the INVAR machined parts that recently arrived from our latest project with you and wanted to pass along how nicely they turned out. The dimensions were spot on and fit & finish looked great. The ultem (PEI) parts on this order also turned out great!"
    Tom, Advanced Laser And Electro-Optical Solutions Company
  • "UPTIVE (previously Re3dtech) is one of the most honest and reputable companies we have done business with. We decided to look into options for getting parts made in the USA for the retail market. It was awesome to find a local company with humble staff looking to provide their services meeting our criteria, not to mention meeting the Re3tech crew face to face and checking out their operation. Peter was very honest, knowledgable about design. Peter's creative element made working with him a great pleasure. Jim's flexibility was a breath of fresh air and greatly appreciated. CentralSound is proud to scratch the surface with Made in the USA parts in the retail market now, thanks to UPTIVE (previously Re3dtech). Hope to do more business with them in the future. "
    Jonathan Diamond, Central Sound

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