Superior Composite Materials to Exceed Your Strength and Durability Expectations

Our composite-based additive manufacturing experts will guide you to the most advantageous composites, including Markforged® carbon fiber layups that are stronger than steel at one tenth the weight. When other materials fail, our composites outperform, even in extreme conditions. And our team of experts is here to help every step of the way.

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MaterialsProcessDescriptionIdeal for Finishes
Nylon-12 Chopped Carbon-FilledFDMNylon material reinforced with chopped carbon fiber for improved stiffness and strengthGears, bearings, and other componentsPainting, Coating, Laser Etching, Hydrographics, Anodizing
OnyxMarkforgedCarbon fiber-filled nylon material that is strong and stiff, with good dimensional stability and heat resistanceTooling fixtures, jigs, and other componentsVapor Smoothing, Inserts
Onyx FRMarkforgedFalme-retardant version of Onyx that is suitable for applications where fire safety is a concernElectrical enclosures, automotive comonents, and other applicationsVapor Smoothing, Inserts
PA-12 GBHP MJF, FDM, SLSGlass-bead-filled nylon PA-12 material that has improved stiffness and dimensional stabilityGears, bearings, and other componentsDyeing, Painting Coating, Electroplating, Vapor Smoothing

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